Always Closer to our Clients

23.03.2017, Kamoa, DRC – TMB is pleased to announce the opening of our proximity-branch in Kamoa, close to Kolwezi. The branch is the second of its type to be introduced, and TMB is proud to innovate with this exciting new branch concept.

TMB’s intention to be a major player in the development of the country’s banking system has encouraged us to continually expand our branch network. Today, TMB offers a network of 92 branches, spread across some 20 provinces.

While we are operating in all major cities of the Congo, we have always been keen to meet our clients at the place they live and work, including in several remote areas of the country.

With this in mind, TMB has introduced the concept of the proximity-branch that can be installed in various places depending on the needs and requests of our clients. To better serve our clients even in remote locations, the container-branch offers various banking services, including cashiers’ services and PEPELE Mobile.

In the long term, we are aiming to develop this concept in other parts of the country and thus further our missions of financial inclusion and proximity. The first containers are pilot tests for the concept and will allow us to fine tune the offering, according to our clients’ needs.

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Guichet Kamoa