Amani Caravans Precede Goma Music Festival

20.01.2017, Goma, DRC – TMB is delighted to have been supporting the Amani Music Festival since 2015. This year’s festival runs from 10 to 12 February in Goma.

From 20 January the Amani Caravans journey across the city of Goma every Tuesday and Friday from 15.00 to 17.30. Caravans are travelling street concerts that aim to promote the musicians of Goma ahead of the Amani Festival.

Caravans thus bring a taste of what is to be expected from this year’s festival. Each Caravan leaves from the “Foyer Culturel de Goma” (Maison des Jeunes) and travels to different parts of the city, including some of Goma’s outlying districts.

Please do not hesitate to join the Amani Caravans, the programme for which is as follows:

20 January: Virunga – Bon voyage (Buhene) – Terminus (Mutinga)

24 January: Turunga – Kibwe – Katindo 2 – Entrée Président

27 January: Centre ville – Jolie Hôtel – Mosquet Birere

31 January: Station Simba, Kajede – Nyabushongo

03 February: 2 Lampes – Marché TMK –  Instigo

07 February: Kisoko – Trois Paillotes – Stade de l’Unité

08 February: Mugunga – UNIGOM – Kibabi

09 February: Kabutembo (at Bisimwa) – Byahi (Hanika) – Majengo

10 February (9.00 to 11.00): Centre ville – Birere – Virunga (without musician)

11 February (9.00 to 11.00): Centre ville – Birere – Virunga (without musician)

For more information on the Amani festival, please click here.


Amani 2017