Exhibition of works by Malaya, Lubumbashi

7.03.2015, Lubumbashi, DRCTMB is pleased to invite you to an exhibition of Trésor Malaya’s paintings and sculptures titled ‘Kefar-Nahum City’ at the Contemporary Art Gallery of the National Museum of Lubumbashi.

The exhibition, being held from Saturday 7 March to Wednesday 15 April, is organised by Dialogues, a non-profit organisation, in partnership with TMB.

Dialogues, a member of the Rachel Forrest Foundation, aims to promote Congolese contemporary art. It organises artistic and cultural events that are accessible to a wide audience. Through its Contemporary Art Gallery, the association intends to open its doors to visual artists of the Katanga and more broadly to African contemporary artists.

Trésor Malaya is a painter, performer and set designer. He lives in Lubumbashi. His work is regularly exhibited in Kinshasa and in Lubumbashi, at the Dialogues Contemporary Art Gallery and the Halle de l’Etoile.

Through this exhibition, ‘Kefar-Nahum City’, Trésor Malaya is creating either a confrontation or a rapprochement between favelas neighbourhoods of Brondo and Kibera, respectively in Lubumbashi and Nairobi. Both areas have a chaotic environment. And the artist faces the ‘capharnaüm’ (mess), this urban chaos, to the search for purity in creation.

‘Kefar-Nahum City’, the lesson of the invisibles, has been hosted in New York as part of an exhibition at the Gallery Artist Afro Art East Africa in December 2014.

TMB supports the arts in the DRC and promotes artists with diverse cultural sensitivities and backgrounds. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to sponsor this exhibition that focuses on the work of the artist Malaya, and we are pleased to invite you to discover this amazing Katangese painter and sculptor.

Expo Malaya