How much does it cost to withdraw funds using my TMB card?

If you use your TMB VISA credit or debit card then there are no withdrawal fees at any TMB ATM in the DRC.

Why have a bank account?
  • A more secure way of protecting your funds – storing cash at home is risky;
  • Allows you to better manage your budget – helps with financial planning;
  • Earn interest on your savings – let your money work for you.
What are the advantages of opening a bank account with TMB?
  • Confidentiality – our systems and processes are world-class thus safeguarding your confidentiality;
  • Professionalism – you will be banking with the Best Bank in the DRC;
  • You can withdraw your funds for free – no other bank in the DRC allows you do this;
  • TMB offers you by far the largest and most comprehensive bank branch network in the country;
  • Benefit from access to TMB’s large range of keenly priced products and services.
How do I open an account with TMB?

The process is quick and easy. Simply visit one of our branches with photo ID and fill-out an easy to complete form.

Is a minimum deposit required when opening a current or savings account?

No minimum deposit is required.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount that can be withdrawn?

No, there are no minimum or maximum limits.

How much interest can I earn when banking with TMB?

You can earn up to 7% interest on USD and EUR term deposits and up to 10% interest on CDF deposits.

How long does it take to open an account?

Your personal bank account will be opened immediately on receipt of photo identification and completed account opening form.
Business bank accounts take 48 hours to activate as we need to analyze certain related documents.

How can I send or receive money transfers?

You can send or receive national and international money transfers either in branch or if you prefer online using our internet banking service. TMB SWIFT code is TRMSCD3L.

What is Pepele?

Pepele is TMB’s money transfer service that allows you to transfer funds quickly and efficiently within the DRC.
With Pepele you can send funds to and from any TMB branch for an all-in commission of just 930 CDF + 1% (excl-tax). Full terms and conditions available in TMB branches.

Why should I use a credit card?

If you do not have enough funds in your checking account at the time of the expenditure you could use your credit card – once you are sure that you can refund the balance at the end of the month.

Where can I withdraw funds using my TMB card?

At any TMB branch, TMB ATM or indeed any ATM around the world where you see a VISA or MasterCard sign.

What is Trust Merchant Bank's SWIFT code?


How do I get a TMB credit or debit card?

Simply fill out the relevant application form in any our branches, whilst indicating the type of card you would like and the limit you need. Our branch staff will be happy to guide you through the process.

Why should I use a debit card?

You can pay for goods with available funds from your current account without the security risk of carrying cash.

What is the difference between a Credit and a Debit card?

A debit card allows you immediate access to funds in your current account.
A credit card is a card that allows the use of funds on the basis of a limit that you set beforehand irrespective of the balance on your current account. Since the reimbursement of charges on a credit card is some time after the relevant transaction we can consider the amount charged to be a form of a loan.

What types of loans does TMB offer?
  • Current accounts with overdraft facilities;
  • Salary loans – these allow limited borrowing against your salary;
  • Personal loans;
  • Business and corporate loans.
Who can apply for a loan?

Any adult in paid employment or with an income generating investment.

How long will I wait for an answer to my application?

You will be contacted about your application within 72 hours of first submitting it.

How do I apply for a loan?

Simply visit one of our branches and meet with a member of our Credit Department.
You will need to supply certain documents when applying for a loan:
Salary Loans:

  • Proof that your salary is domiciled at TMB (e.g. account statement);
  • Certificate of employment from your employer.

Personal Loans:

  • Proof of monthly income.

Business/Corporate Loan:

  • Accounts / financial statements;
  • Company registration document;
  • If applicable, copies of bank account statements from third party banks.
What types of accounts are offered by TMB?
  • TMB Current Account;
  • TMB Plus Account;
  • TMB Salary Account;
  • TMB Savings Account;
  • TMB Term Deposit Account.
What is Pepele Mobile?

Pepele Mobile is our highly innovative mobile money service designed specifically for the needs of the Congo. In a first for the country, the service can be used on any type of mobile phone and on every mobile network. Customers may use the service to complete a range of banking activities, including withdrawing cash (including at TMB ATMs), making deposits on their bank account, transferring funds and making payments in shops, restaurants and at other commercial establishments.
Pepele Mobile allows anyone to manage their money with the simple action of a phone call, in any one of the five official languages of the Congo. The service is powered by cutting edge, fully secure technology.

Where in the DRC can I find Trust Merchant Bank (TMB) branches?

Consult our bank branch network here

What are the opening hours of TMB branches?
Monday to Friday: 08h00 – 16h00
Saturday: 08h00 – 12h00
Sunday *: 08h00 – 16h00
* Hasson & Frere Gombe, and Limete Hasson & Frere branches only.