‘Kin Inspire’ Exhibition at Le Monde des Flamboyants

15.03.2019, Kinshasa, DRC – TMB is pleased to invite you to our new exhibition, ‘KIN INSPIRE’, showing at Le Monde des Flamboyants from Saturday 16 March 2019 to Monday 15 April 2019. The official opening of the exhibition will be held on Friday 15 March, at 6.00 pm.

Le Monde des Flamboyants is the permanent cultural centre of TMB, housed at the Bank’s regional headquarters in Kinshasa.

This inspiring art exhibition brings together the works of four artists: Amani Bodo, Kum’s, Eddy Mbikulu, and Monique Stauder.

Kinshasa leaves no one indifferent. These artists know its contrasts and have learned to love them. They understand that perfection is not part of this world and ‘Kin, la belle’ (Kinshasa the beautiful), is no exception to the rule. Kinshasa deserves attention and time, revealing its secrets slowly to those who take time to stop.

We will meet Kinshasa through this exhibition in the paintings, photographs and sculptures. Without being the centre of their attention, Kinshasa is an integral part of the life of Amani Bodo, Kum’s, Eddy Mbikulu or Monique Stauder. These four artists are inspired by their city.

As the artists featured, take the time to understand and tame the world around you. Art is an action, works of art a means of expression, whose major interest is to provoke reflexion on those who put their eyes on it.

The exhibition is free and open to all members of the public, Monday to Friday, from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm and on Saturday, from 8.00 am to 2.00 pm.

Le Monde des Flamboyants
1 Place du Marché – Gombe – Kinshasa
Tel. : 081 831 0050
Website : http://lemondedesflamboyants.com/