21.04.2015, Lubumbashi, DRCTMB introduces its Mobile Banking solution PEPELE MOBILE.

TMB is pleased to announce the nationwide launch of our revolutionary Pepele Mobile product. Pepele Mobile is our highly innovative mobile money service designed specifically for the needs of the Congo. In a first for the country, the service can be used on any type of mobile phone and on every mobile network. Customers may use the service to complete a range of banking activities, including withdrawing cash, making deposits on their bank account, transferring funds and making payments in shops, restaurants and at other commercial establishments.

Pepele Mobile allows anyone to manage their money with the simple action of a phone call, in any one of the five official languages of the Congo. The service is powered by cutting edge, fully secure technology.

TMB has launched Pepele Mobile not only to provide clients with more choice in how and where they transact, but also, more generally, as a means of extending access of the population to banking services; in short, to combat financial exclusion.

Pepele Mobile offers a mobile payment solution and a web interface on which users can view real time account information. Pepele Mobile is fast, secure and tailored to the needs of retailers, utilities and other service providers, online retailers, and others.

With Pepele Mobile, TMB offers you a simple, open, flexible and logical banking solution, supported by industry-leading security measures, and backed by TMB’s branch network – the largest in the Congo.

Pepele Mobile intends to revolutionise banking services in the DRC.

For more information, check out, or contact the Pepele Mobile team by email [email protected] or by calling 4009 (DRC only).