National Day celebration in Brussels

30.06.2014, Brussels, Belgium – Across the Democratic Republic of Congo, festivities have been held to celebrate the 54th anniversary of the country’s independence.

Congolese diaspora around the world joined in on the celebrations. In Belgium the embassy of the Democratic Republic of Congo to the Kingdom of Belgium, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Mission to the European Union, has organized a reception at the Palais des Colonies in Tervuren.

Trust Merchant Bank partnered in the celebration of the 54th anniversary of our beautiful country.

The reception gathered some one thousand people. It brought together members of the Congolese diaspora, as well diplomats, Belgian politicians, European and Belgian entrepreneurs, representatives of civil society, journalists and many lovers of the Congo.

Please click here to read the release of the DRC embassy and here to access the photo report.

Happy National Day to the Democratic Republic of Congo and to all our fellow citizens!