New Passport Application Service at TMB

29.01.2016, Kinshasa, DRC – We are delighted to inform our customers that passport application forms are now available from TMB. This service is open to everyone, TMB client or non-client alike.

Passport application forms may now be acquired at the following TMB branches:

  • TMB Kinshasa: Place du Marché, Victoire, Limete 7ème rue, UPN, Memling, Grand Hôtel and Boulevard
  • TMB Lubumbashi: Lumumba branch
  • TMB Bunia
  • TMB Bukavu
  • TMB Kananga
  • TMB Kisangani
  • TMB Kindu
  • TMB Mbuji-Mayi

Forms cost USD 185.00, and you need to present your identity card when collecting the form.

We remain at your disposal for any complementary information.

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Passport form