New TMB Branch in Mwene-Ditu (Kasaï-Oriental)

9.05.2015, Mwene-Ditu, DRC – TMB is pleased to announce the opening today of a new branch in Mwene-Ditu.

TMB is the only commercial bank operating in Mwene-Ditu. The new branch is our second branch in the Kasaï-Oriental province, after Mbuji-Mayi.

Hermès Ndala, Head of the TMB Branch in Mwene-Ditu confirms the importance of the development of the banking sector in the city: “So far, the railway town of Mwene-Ditu could only rely on SNCC [the state owned railway operator] for its external exchanges. From today, TMB is opening the doors of the Congo and the world to the citizens of Mwene-Ditu and its region.”

Our professional and dynamic teams are waiting to welcome you to our new branch where you can transact all your banking needs.

Please find below contact details for the new branch:
Mwene Ditu
SNCC – Avenue des Rails
Tel: 081 706 7828
Email: [email protected]