Opening of the `Tourbillons´ exhibition in Lubumbashi

17.10.2014, Lubumbashi, DRCTMB is pleased to invite you to the ‘Tourbillons’ (Whirlwind) exhibition on Friday 17 October at 6.30 pm, at the Park Hotel in Lubumbashi.

The exhibition, being held from 17 to 24 October, is organised by the Art Centre PICHA and the Park Hotel, in partnership with TMB.

TMB is sponsoring this exhibition that focuses on the work of Congolese painters’ Talent and Magic. With this in mind the exhibition venue is highly symbolic. The Park Hotel, an architectural Art Deco jewel, is the perfect place to highlight the magnificence and diversity of the exhibited artworks.

The Park Hotel is presenting its important private collection, which includes works of renowned artists, such as Mwenze, Bela and Pilipili. Painter François Amisi is also honoured.

Tourbillons (Whirlwind) refers to the artistic style of Amisi. His painting is like a poem describing the Congo with its diverse dimensions. An artist with an innate talent, Papa Amisi gives life to incredible works, full of charm, intensity and movement. He describes with talent moments of the daily life of the Congolese: village scenes, dancers, crowds at the markets. Amisi brings us through his painting to a colourful, changing and sometime spinning world.

TMB supports the art in the DRC and promotes artists with diverse cultural sensitivities.

We are honoured to invite you to discover this amazing painter and his peers. Allow yourself to be carried away by the colours and the magic of a living and eternal Africa.

Invitation Tourbillons 1

Invitation Tourbillons 2