Receive international transfers direct to your PEPELE Mobile account

28.01.2019, Lubumbashi, DRC – TMB is pleased to announce that it is possible to receive money quickly and easily from abroad, in addition to any Congolese bank, directly to your PEPELE Mobile account.

PEPELE Mobile customers can now receive international transfers straight to their phone and be able to immediately access the funds on the App, at any TMB branch, PEPELE Mobile agent outlet, or TMB ATM.

Receiving money from another local bank or a foreign bank has never been easier: users simply provide their PEPELE Mobile IBAN (International Bank Account Number) as the beneficiary account number. To find out what your IBAN number simply text IBAN to 4008. The sender of the transfer will have to enter the beneficiary’s IBAN and TMB’s swift code, which at all times is TRMSCD3L. The PEPELE Mobile beneficiary will then be able to withdraw their money at locations right across the DRC.

With PEPELE Mobile, our mobile banking service, TMB continues to champion financial inclusion in Congo.

Opening a PEPELE Mobile account is fast and simple, just go to a TMB branch or a PEPELE Mobile agent outlet or download the PEPELE application on Apple App Store or Google Play Store and open your account by yourself from your smartphone.

For more information call 4009 (DRC only).

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