TMB Announces Further Expansion to Branch Network

31.10.2018, Kabinda, Logu, Bukavu, DRC – TMB is pleased to announce the further expansion to its branch network with three new branch openings.

During the month of October TMB has introduced banking services to the communities of Kabinda and Logu, and has extended its network in Bukavu.

Kabinda, the capital of the Lomami province, is a city of some 200,000. The new branch, which opened on 29 October, is the city’s very first bank branch – another milestone for TMB.

TMB’s Logu sub-branch, opened on 30 October, and is located on the site of a mining company (Alphamin Bisié Mining (ABM)), in the territory of Walikale, North Kivu. The proximity-branch concept offers various banking services, including cashiers’ services and PEPELE Mobile, and features dedicated separate entrances and service areas for staff of ABM members and for members of the public.

The opening of the Bukavu DGDA sub-branch, on 31 October, takes TMB’s Bukavu network to some five outlets. The sub-branch, located near the Directorate General of Customs and Excise (DGDA), is open to all members of the public, and provides clients with a streamlined tax-payment process.

TMB is the Congo’s local bank. With a network of some ninety-nine branches, spread across twenty provinces and twenty-two cities, an agency banking network numbering in the hundreds, and PEPELE Mobile, TMB’s reach in the Congo is unrivalled.


Please find below contact details for the new locations:

39 Route nationale n°2 – Quartier du Congo – Kabinda
Tel.: 081 054 8032

Site Alphamin Bisié Mining – Walikale – Logu
Tel.: 082 850 4124

Bukavu DGDA
84/15 Avenue Michombero – Nkanfu – Kadutu – Bukavu
Tel.: 082 758 0257

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