TMB brings the Football World Cup to thousands of Congolese

13.07.2014, Kinshasa, DRC – Tonight, Germany and Argentina will compete for the title of World Champion in the final of the FIFA World Cup in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Once again many Congolese across the DRC will enjoy the broadcast of the match thanks to TMB.

In cities across the country, TMB has sent screens and has organized public screenings of World Cup games. The screenings are open to all members of the public and are free. In some cities, the TMB public screenings are the only opportunity for football fans to watch the matches.

Broadcasts of the games have been organized by TMB in the following cities: Bandundu, Beni, Bukavu, Bunia, Goma, Kenge, Kindu, Kinshasa, Kisangani, Kolwezi, Lubumbashi, Mbandaka, Muanda, Mbuji-Mayi and Uvira.

If you want to join in contact your local TMB branch for details of screenings in your area.

worldcup Lubumbashi1 worldcup Muanda
Lubumbashi                                                           Muanda


worldcup Kenge1 worldcup Uvira
Kenge                                                                                          Uvira