TMB Congratulates the Winner of Contest

07.01.2017, Mbuji-Mayi, DRC – In December TMB organised a contest for PEPELE Mobile agency outlets and is today pleased to congratulate the lucky winner.

PEPELE Mobile is TMB’s mobile banking service that allows any mobile phone user to easily access banking services on their phone.

PEPELE Mobile agency outlets are a core part of the PEPELE Mobile ecosystem, allowing clients to access banking services without having to travel to a TMB branch. Agency outlets play an essential role in supporting PEPELE Mobile clients perform financial transactions, including opening accounts, cash deposits and withdrawals, invoice payments, and money transfers, at hundreds of locations across the Congo. Our agency outlets are real ambassadors of the Bank right across the country.

TMB organised a contest for our agency outlets in the first issue of the PEPELE Mobile agency outlets newsletter. Every agency outlet that registered 200 or more clients was entered into a nationwide tombola, with the prize being a TVS motorcycle.

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the contest is the ‘La Commerciale de Mbanda’ agency outlet in Mbuji-Mayi.

An award ceremony party was held at TMB’s Mbuji-Mayi branch, on Saturday 7 January. The Head of Branch and Business Manager for TMB’s central region, Jean-Marie Manzono, the entire TMB Mbuji-Mayi team, and representatives from all PEPELE Mobile agency outlets in Mbuji-Mayi attended the ceremony.

The competition will run again in the second issue of the PEPELE Mobile newsletter for agency outlets when another lucky winner can take home a TVS motorcycle.

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