TMB Participating at the TagPay World Conference

20.09.2016, Paris, France – TMB is participating at the TagPay World Conference on 20 and 21 September in Paris.

TAGPAY WORLD welcomes TagPay clients and partners working to digitise the banking and finance sectors.

The conference, which theme is “Build the Digital Bank of the Future”, is bringing together ambitious and visionary financial service providers – from fast-growing start-ups to powerful incumbents – to explain how digital technologies are reshaping the financial landscape. Together they are aiming to define best practices for the creation of universal hubs of digital financial services.

Curated for delegates to build their digital financial service ecosystems and expand their networks, TAGPAY WORLD is structured around case studies of implemented projects and dedicated workshops.

Yannick Mbiya Ngandu, Executive Director with TMB, is participating in the conference and will facilitate two sessions at the conference:

– “A Mobile Digital Bank, Made in Congo”: presentation of PEPELE Mobile, TMB’s mobile banking service.

– “Banks with vision”: panel with presentation from TMB and Standard Bank.

TagPay is recognized in the financial inclusion sector as an expert in Mobile Money. Their expertise is based on over 20 years of experience in the field.

TagPay has developed a versatile and extremely secure Sound Based Technology. NSDT™ (Near Sound Data Transfer) turns every existing mobile phone worldwide into a payment tool and authentication device, regardless of the operator. TMB uses the technology in PEPELE Mobile.

Thanks to the TagPay platform, financial service providers can implement a Mobile Money ecosystem with a complete Mobile Wallet.