TMB proud to sponsor events right across the Congo

4.05.2016, Lubumbashi, DRC – TMB is strongly committed to the idea that companies have a vital role to play in strengthening civil society. For that reason TMB is happy to support various civil society initiatives including in the areas of art, education, sport, ecology, and health care. TMB is proud to support events right across the Congo.

Our commitment to investing in our community emphasises partnering with those who in particular are focused on the long-term well-being of the population, who prioritise in acting in rural areas of the country, and who are committed to offer activities and socially sustainable solutions to the challenges and questions of the day.

Sport plays a very important role in promoting community relations, team work, and hard work, and TMB is delighted to be able to support a number of sporting events in April, including:

Basketball in Butembo

TMB sponsored the inter-university basketball championship in Butembo. The championship ran from Friday March 18 to Wednesday April 20 at the ITAV Stadium.

The championship final was won by the Adventist University of Lukanga, beating the Emmanuel d’Alzon Institute of Higher Education of Butembo.

Our staff were present each of the eight days of the championship and offered gifts to the referees, to the committee and attending guests.

TMB presented prizes to the winning team and the runner-up. We also awarded prizes in the individual awards categories of the Best Championship Player, Swivel, Leader and Ally.

Football in Goma

TMB is delighted to be able to sponsor the Students Committee of the Free University of the Great Lakes Countries (ULPGL) in Goma with their interfaculty football tournament running from April 23 to June 4.

Seven faculties are taking part in the tournament: medicine, law, economics, health, community development, psychology and theology. A total of 25 matches will be played from the Pool Stage to the Tournament Final, which will be held on June 4 2016.

Our TMB and Pepele Mobile teams are present at each match.

Walk in Kindu

The Maniema City Production group organised a 15km walk in the city of Kindu on April 24. The group works with young people in Kindu with a focus on organising recreational activities for them in the city.

TMB sponsored the event and our teams were present supporting the organisers and participants, throughout the day.


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