TMB sponsoring events right across the Congo

26.06.2017, Lubumbashi, DRC – TMB is strongly committed to the idea that companies have a vital role to play in strengthening civil society. For that reason TMB is happy to support various civil society initiatives including in the areas of art, education, sport, ecology, and health care. TMB is proud to support events right across the Congo.

TMB sponsors different types of events and activities throughout the country. The support the Bank is providing reflects our commitment to all of the communities in which we operate.

TMB is proud to fulfill its role as the Congo’s local bank, accessible to all.

TMB is delighted to be able to support a number of events this past week, including:

World Refugee Day

Every 20 June, the UNHCR commemorates the World Refugee Day. This year, World Refugee Day was celebrated at the Cercle Sportif de Goma.

The activities organised to celebrate this day aim to deliver messages related to the chosen theme; The theme chosen this year was #Togetherwithrefugees.

The UNHCR had organised a drawing contest for refugee children and pupils of primary schools in Goma on the theme: How do you see the life of a refugee?

There were also stands offering products made by the refugees (bags, aprons, jam …). Some 150 people attended the event.

TMB contributed to the event by funding high school scholarships for 5 young people.

University of Likasi Science Day

On Saturday 24 June, the University of Likasi organised a scientific day on the campus, with support from the academic authorities; the theme of the day was the access to credit for households and businesses.

The programme aimed to answer the following questions:

-What are the limiting factors for access to credit for households and businesses?

-What is the point of view of banks on the issue of access to credit?

-What kind of alternative provide microcredit?

-What can the Central Bank propose to improve access to credit?

TMB sponsored the event and was invited to participate in a session discussing lending by banks to economic actors. The presentation was followed by a question and answer session with participants.

Approximately 1,500 visitors attended the Likasi University Science Day.


Cultural Day of Saint Damien College

On Saturday 24 June, TMB sponsored the Cultural Day of Saint Damien College in Kinshasa.

During the day, several activities were organised, including games, contests, and a fashion show. Prizes were awarded to the best student participants.

The Cultural Day of Saint Damien College was a dynamic and vibrant event, thanks in particular to the enthusiastic participation by the students of the college. Approximately 500 people, students and guests, attended the event.

Football Tournament for companies

The Football Tournament for companies and individuals, organised by Kin-Ethik, at the Belgian school in Kinshasa, took place on Sunday 25 June.

Sixteen teams selected competed at this indoor football tournament. The event was held in a friendly and family environment with activities organised for children.

TMB sponsored the event, and the Bank’s football team made it through to the final eight of the tournament.

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