TMB Sponsors Goma Summer School

9.08.2018, Goma, DRCTMB is sponsoring the second edition of the Summer School conceived by the ‘Fond Ngangi’ (Ngangi Fund), taking place from 30 July to 19 August at Kivu International School (KIS), in Goma.

FoN (Fonds Ngangi) was created in 2010 by some thirty Belgian friends. The organisation currently brings together about a hundred volunteers across various projects. The organisation aims to allow as many young inhabitants of Goma in precarious financial situations as possible to participate in the active life of their city, region and country.

The Fund’s goal is to promote and develop certain values – work, integrity, initiative, and excellence – to enable young students with potential to continue to be role models in their communities.

FoN is specialised in entrepreneurship and has, in recent years, increased experts’ support in that field.

In order to prepare and improve the level of new students of the Programme of Excellence that the Fund supports, FoN is organising a ‘Summer School’ in Goma for second year.

The objectives of the Summer School are to ensure that participants master the academic bases necessary to successfully achieve university studies, to equip them with valuable skills, to develop their critical mind, and to strengthen the ‘Ngangi Family’.

Some 100 applications were submitted, and FoN selected thirty from that group. The students selected are all between 17 and 20 years old.

Courses will be given by pairs of Congolese and Belgian teachers. This collaboration guarantees the quality of the teaching thanks to the implementation of the Belgian teachers’ methods, adapted to the local needs with the help of the Congolese teachers.

The top ten students will be awarded with a Fellowship within the Programme of Excellence.

A closing ceremony is scheduled to take place on 18 August.

TMB is proud to support various civil society initiatives in diverse areas including education. TMB’s support reflects our commitment to all of the communities in which we operate.

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