TMB sponsors Kin Accueil and Binza Maternity

1.06.2016, Kinshasa, DRCTMB supports various civil society initiatives in the Congo including in the areas of art, education, sport, ecology, and health care. TMB is committed to partnering with strong and reliable local partners and is therefore proud to support Kin Accueil in its activities.

Kin Accueil is a Congolese non-profit organisation committed to projects that help the most needy in society. The organisation guarantees that funds invested by sponsors or themselves are fully devoted to the realization of projects.

Each year a project is selected and supported by Kin Accueil and a fundraising campaign is organised and addressed to companies and people. The donations allow Kin Accueil to complete the project. The association is active in various sectors and in particular in the field of health.

TMB sponsored the charity dinner organised by Kin Accueil on 21 May. The event raised funds to support the acquisition of a generator to supply electricity to the Maternité des Sœurs Catholiques du Saint Sacrement, a maternity health care facility located at Binza Delvaux, in the Ngaliema area of Kinshasa.

The inauguration of the generator and electric installations at the Binza Maternity Centre took place on Wednesday 1 June. TMB was present alongside Kin Accueil.

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