TMB sponsors Music Fund in Bukavu

2.10.2017, Bukavu, DRC – Conscious that music, and art in general, contribute significantly to the well-being of our community, we, at TMB, are proud to sponsor Music Fund activities in Bukavu.

Music Fund is a humanitarian organisation that supports musicians and music schools in conflict areas, developing countries, and in Belgium. Music Fund collects musical instruments in Europe, for repair and onwards distribution in Africa, the Middle East, and Central America. Music Fund also trains instrument repairers and facilitates the exchange of teaching skills.

The Music Fund project is being developed in Bukavu by Ndaro Culture, an association dedicated to the welfare of artists in Eastern Congo and to the sociocultural integration of children in difficult situations.

Music Fund is working with Ndaro Culture in the areas of the provision of instruments, setting up a maintenance and repair workshop for instruments, training instrument repairers, and providing instructional support.

The first training course for repairing string and wind instruments took place from 16 to 24 August 2017, in partnership with the French Institute of Bukavu. Fourteen people participated in the training, seven in stringed instruments and seven in wind instruments.

This training course not only trained young people in repairing instruments, but also sensitised them to better preservation of new instruments. Thanks to this training, participants gained the necessary expertise to create a lucrative activity in the field, in Bukavu and elsewhere.

Moreover, Music Fund has donated some 200 musical instruments to Ndaro Culture (guitars, violins, saxophones, etc.) and various instrument repair materials that will soon arrive in Bukavu.

For more information about Music Fund’s activities in Bukavu, please click here.