TMB sponsors new film about Beta Mbonda

12.08.2016, Kinshasa, DRC – Belgian photographer and filmmaker Marie-Françoise Plissart has announced that she will shortly begin making a film about the famous Kinshasa musicians of Beta Mbonda.

Beta Mbonda is a social project, a group of young men who say they have been “saved by music”: group members were previously members of violent gangs, called ‘Kuluna’ in Kinshasa, however they have in the past six years redirected their energies to music, becoming acclaimed musicians along the way.

Marie-Françoise Plissart is in Kinshasa this summer to scope out the film. During the trip her focus is identifying locations for the film she expects to produce in 2017 which will centre on the Beta Mbonda musicians and on how they have exchanged their lives in the ‘Kuluna’ for the life of a musician playing the Congolese traditional music.

TMB is delighted to be able to sponsor the producer’s location scoping trip to Kinshasa; and in turn a project that reaffirms the potential of any member of our community to rebuild their life by choosing a better path.