TMB supporting Katanga Business Meeting (KBM) in Lubumbashi

23.05.2018, Lubumbashi, DRC – TMB is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of the Katanga Business Meeting, being held at Luano City in Lubumbashi, from 24 to 26 May. Founded with the support of TMB in 2014, KBM is the largest multisector exhibition event held in Haut-Katanga province.

Each year KBM has a different theme, aligned with the interests of the various economic actors. The theme selected for KBM 2018 is “Innovative Solutions for the Development of the DRC”. KBM’s objective is to bring together key actors from different sectors to offer real solutions for a more prosperous economy.

Innovation, interactivity, and networking are the priority topics of KBM 2018. With the slogan ‘Designed for connections’, KBM showcases innovative solutions for the development of the DRC. KBM is aiming to support innovative initiatives in the main economic sectors in the DRC.

Nine sectors are highlighted this year: mines & industries; automobile & equipment; banks & finance; energy; IT & telecom; transport & logistics; agriculture; services for individuals; services for professionals.

Following the success of KBM’s previous editions, KBM 2018 is proposing a 12,000 m² exhibition area reserved for almost 170 national and international exhibitors, as well as a machine demonstration area.

We are excited to announce that KBM 2018 will feature a TMB branded pavilion which will be used to host young entrepreneurs. The pavilion is a dedicated space reserved for start-ups and entrepreneurs operating in various sectors such as technology, subcontracting, transport, and other value-added service. Young entrepreneurs will receive the opportunity to exhibit and promote their projects during the event.

There are several new features at KBM 2018: a product demonstration area, speed business meetings, a collaboration hub, not to mention the traditional workshops and conferences.

Led by experts, the conferences are aiming to promote concrete actions and business solutions to answer each participant’s needs.

Yannick Mbiya Ngandu, Executive Director at TMB, features among this year’s event speakers. Yannick will participate on Friday 25 May, at 2.25 pm, on the issue of securing investments and transactions.

Thousands of visitors are expected to visit KBM 2018.

For more information, please visit the event’s website: