TMB Supporting the Tshopo Women Francophone Forum

9.04.2018, Kisangani, DRC TMB is pleased to have supported the second edition of the Tshopo Women Francophone Forum, held from 5 to 7 April, at Alliance Française Kisangani (AFRAKIS).

The Kisangani branch of Alliance Française forms part of the worldwide network of overseas French cultural institutions. The global network of cultural cooperation brings together almost 100 French Institutes and 800 Alliances Françaises.

As with the Institut Français of Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, Goma, and Bukavu, Alliance Française Kisangani is dedicated to supporting the francophone world in all its dimensions: linguistic, cultural, scholarly and academic, economic, and the francophone community within the United Nations.

The theme of the Tshopo Women Francophone Forum was “Women’s Awakening”. Régis Segala, Director of Alliance Française Kisangani, said the Forum focused on women’s professional and personal development, with a particular emphasis on empowerment, autonomy, education and health.

Almost 300 participants took part in the event and visited TMB’s exposition.

TMB is proud to having contributed to this inspiring event, with promise for the future of the Woman in Tshopo.

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