TMB supports SADC’s Innovation and Rural Transformation Fair

26.09.2023, Kinshasa, DRC – TMB is proud to be sponsoring the Innovation and Rural Transformation Fair organised by SADC on 27 and 28 September at The Fleuve Congo Hotel in Kinshasa.

The event aims to showcase rural innovations in food security and brings together young innovators and key stakeholders to address the urgent challenges facing rural communities in Africa.

The financial inclusion bank, TMB works to provide banking services throughout the DRC, including remote areas of the country. Not only does the Bank offer the largest branch network in the country, it also boasts unparalleled expertise in remote area banking services.

Thanks to PEPELE Mobile, its mobile banking offering, the Bank has enabled the transformation of traditional payroll processes. TMB offers deployment solutions across the country on two levels, with mobile teams travelling to provide banking services to hundreds of thousands of clients at remote sites on the one hand and independent PEPELE Mobile agents on the other, who are often local merchants.

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