TMB Supports ‘SOS Médecins de Nuit’ in the fight against Coronavirus

8.06.2020, Kinshasa, DRC – TMB continues to take an active role in the fight against COVID-19 in DRC. In its latest move, the Bank has made a donation of some US$115,000 to the ‘SOS Médecins de Nuit’ (Night Doctors) hospital complex, to cover the cost of purchasing three respirators.

Trust Merchant Bank supports various civil society initiatives in the Congo including in the area of health care, and particularly with regard of COVID-19. As a Congolese bank, TMB is committed to partnering with local partners working for the well-being of our fellow citizens, and is delighted to be able to partner with SOS Médecins de Nuit.

Dr Holenn, Physician Director of the hospital complex and Mrs Christiane, Head of Human Resources, received the donation on behalf of their institution and warmly expressed their gratitude to TMB.

Together, we can defeat the coronavirus!

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