TMB supports the activities of CHIRPA

31.05.2013, Kinshasa, DRCCHIRPA (CHIRurgie Pédiatrique en Afrique – Pediatric Surgery in Africa) is a non-profit organization born from a partnership between Chaîne de l’Espoir Belgique (Chain of Hope-Belgium), Chaîne de l’Espoir RDC (Chain of Hope-DRC) and Espoir de Vie Lisanga Lya Elikya (Life Hope). Amongst its many activities, CHIRPA facilitates access to specialized medical care for children, responds to the needs of medical training, contributes to investment in medical equipment, and provides support in clinic management.

Trust Merchant Bank supports various civil society initiatives in the Congo including in the area of health care. TMB is committed to partnering with strong and reliable local partners and is proud to support CHIRPA’s activities in the field of health and in particular pediatric surgery.

For two years now TMB has been supporting CHIRPA here in the DRC. Recently we have assisted with health care costs for a young Congolese girl, Joyce, who has travelled to Belgium for surgery to treat a heart defect. After a strong recovery, Joyce is now very well and she returned yesterday to Kinshasa.

You can click here to follow Joyce’s progress.

For more information on CHIRPA, including on how you can support the organisation’s activities, please contact:
CHIRPA : Avenue des Cliniques BP 3089 – Kinshasa/Gombe
Tel.: 081 429 9336
E-mail: [email protected]
Internet Website: