TMB switches on its first solar powered bank branch

21.04.2015, Uvira, DRC – TMB is extremely proud to announce that its Uvira branch is now being powered by solar energy.

TMB was the first commercial bank to open a bank branch in Uvira, South Kivu, back in November 2012. Today our Uvira branch is the first in the TMB network to use solar panels in order to meet its electricity needs.

The provision of on-grid electricity in the Congo is currently severely lacking, in particular in rural parts of the country. As a result there is a significant reliance on costly and highly polluting diesel generators. TMB intends to demonstrate that solar energy is an economically viable alternative to diesel, right across the country. This pilot initiative is expected to be further developed and rolled out across the TMB branch network in the coming months and years.

Our TMB team in Uvira is proud to welcome you to the country’s first solar powered bank branch, where you can transact all your banking needs:

1 avenue du Congo
Commune de Kimanga
Tel: 081 710 1886
E-mail: [email protected]