TMB’s Goma Branch Network Expands Further

01.02.2021, Goma, DRC – TMB is pleased to announce the opening today of a new TMB branch, located adjacent to the DRC/Rwanda border post known as ‘la Grande Barrière’ in Goma.

La Grande Barrière is the main crossing point between Goma, DRC, and Gisenyi in Rwanda.

Since 2018, TMB has operated a branch at Grande Barrière. The existing branch, located in the Grande Barrière DGM building, features an ATM that accepts all domestic and internationally issued Mastercard and Visa cards.

The new Grande Barrière 2 branch, located in an adjacent building, will handle customs operations for goods entering the DRC through the border post of Goma in the DRC and Gisenyi in Rwanda. This is in addition to the provision of the full range of TMB banking services to the general public.

With this new branch opening, TMB welcomes you at some ten locations across Goma. TMB’s regional banking hub in Goma demonstrates our commitment to promoting financial inclusion everywhere in the DRC, including in North Kivu.

Our professional and dynamic team are waiting to welcome you to our new branch where you can transact all your banking needs.

Please find below contact details for the new branch:

Goma Guichet Grande Barrière 2
4606, avenue Corniche – Grande Barrière – Les Volcans
Tel.: 082 735 1425
E-mail: [email protected]

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